17.2m3 Bümpliz

Marta Kwiatkowski is currently cuarting the art project 17,2m3 Bümpliz, which uses 3 identical transparent cubes to cultivate and concentrate a kind of collective cultural memory trough the interpretation of smell. The project will take place during the big city festival of Bern in August. The artists are Lea-Nina Fischer, Esther Tellenbach, Tamara Hauser, Selina Hofer, Salima Hänni, and Stefanie Janssen. The scents are created by Andreas Wilhelm.


When and where?

Friday, August 19, from 17.00
Saturday, August 20, all day
Sunday, August 21, all day

Locations: Brünnenpark, Brünnenstrasse, tram stop: Statthalterstrasse

More info on the city’s website (in German):