The social role of a perfume

“Perfume plays a social role in that it effects a unique synthesis of individual egoistical and social purposes in the field of the sense of smell.” –  GEORG SIMMELSimmel de6c4c4dd3875466916837866398b14a--georg-simmel-sociology-major

Perfume covers the personal atmosphere; it replaces it with an objective one and yet makes it stand out at the same time. With the perfume that creates this fictive atmosphere, one presupposes that it will be agreeable to the other and that it would be a social value. and it must still at the same time be credited to the bearer as a person.”


Simmel, G. (2009). Excursus on the Sociology of Sense Impression. In A. J. Blasi, A. K. Jacobs, & M. J. Kanjirathinkal (eds. & translators), Sociology: inquiries into the construction of social forms (pp. 570–583). Leiden; Boston: Brill.