A perfumista on Tate Britain’s sensorium

Tate Britain’s sensorium is widely covered by the media. What does a perfume person (i.e. someone who is versed in discussing scents) think about it? It is this perspective that makes this review by Eddie Bulliqui special:

“I will not forget this exhibition any time soon, and this is one of its strengths. However, I still don’t feel that it truly achieved its aim of ‘encouraging a new approach to interpreting artworks’. Facetious as this comment may be, of course the technology and stimuli behind this project will alter the experience you have in front of the painting, simply because it’s not where it normally is in a white room…”

Read more at: http://www.basenotes.net/features/3179-a-review-of-tate-britains-sensorium

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