Scent Culture Institute focuses on the sense of smell in culture, business and society.


Culture & Art:

The Sense of Smell in Modern/Contemporary Art.

The artist is a sniffer” (Marcel Duchamps): The sense of smell in artistic production.

Olfactory Art: an emerging field? genre? medium?

Scent sculpture: Expanding the notion of sculpture.

Culturalizing Scent: Making Sense of a Commodity.

Perfumery vs. Art: Blurring the Boundaries.

Olfactory portraiture/portrait: body odor as artistic practice.


Business & Management:

Scent Marketing: Intensifying Customer Experiences.

Consumer culture: Multisensory customer experience.

Smelly I-phones: The Digital Divide and Beyond.

Fragrant Innovations: The innovative potential of olfaction for products & services.

Leadership: Talking about smell!

Inspiring workplaces: The potential of multisensory workplace design.

The Scent Interface: Assuring Successful Collaborations with Perfumers.

Perfumery: Innovation in a Traditional Industry.

Growing niches! : Business opportunities in artistic perfumery.

Society & Zeitdiagnose:

Odorous Struggles: (De)Odorizing as Socio-Economic Force.

Perfume practices as impression management.

Playing with Molecules: How do Perfumers Work?

Scent & the City: Urban space as an olfactory smellscape.

Gendering your nose: Scent & Gender.

The role of blogs and social media in the field of perfumery.

The role of awards in the field of artisan & idependent perfumery.

SCI associates offer informative, educational and thought-provoking lectures, presentations, talks, and workshops for conferences, panels, education programs, festivals and symposia on a variety of scent culture subjects.


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