Art of Management and Organization Conference – Copenhagen 2014


At the 7th International Art of Management and Organization conference (August 28th – 31st, 2014) results of the research project „New Scents in Action“ are presented at Copenhagen Business School. The presentation is part of the stream “Organizing creativity as ‘sensemaking’ – processual perspectives on artistic projects (Convenors: Bjørn Müller, Christoph Michels and Sara Malou Strandvad). Entitled “New Scents in Action: Collective S(c)en(t)s Making In “Artistic Perfumery” the presentation sheds light on the sociomaterial processes that are at work during the development of new scents in artistic perfumery – a field that contrasts with the commercialization and professionalization of mainstream perfumery and revitalizes the traditions of artistry and creativity that used to characterize the perfume sector.

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