Artemisia, Absinthe & the Green Fairy


The next scent apéro with Bib Bigler is devoted to Artemisisia, Absinth and the green fairy.

Bibi Bigler Parfums’ Parfum Bar cordially invites you to its next scent apéro on Saturday, September 24, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, at the Zurich Botanical Garden. The topic is Artemisia – Absinthe – The Green Fairy.

We will meet at the terrace of the cafeteria. We’ll look first at the Artemisia plants in the garden, and then head over to Villa Rainhof  (Zollikerstrasse 137, 8008 Zurich), where various Artemisia fragrances are available for smelling. We’ll present our “Green Fairy” fragrance composition and then you have the opportunity to sample absinthe-liqueurs, Génépi Spirits and of course the Forbidden Green Fairy from the Val-de-Travers.

Admission is free, cash to cover expenses.

Please register via email at or Tel. 079 824 05 42.