Beyond Genius: Creativity in perfume-making

Perfume-making – without a doubt – is a creative practice. Yet, our understanding of creativity is often limited. We basically think about the outstanding achievements of a creative genius without exploring the practices and strategies that underlie their creative solutions.

This talk opens the blackbox of creativity: It will focus on empirical data from case study research in the niche perfume industry, and outline the aesthetic and sensual practices that enable creative solutions in perfume-making.

Join us at the Institute for Art and Olfaction for this illuminating look into the practices that allow the creation of the scents we love, presented by Swiss-based social scientist Dr. Nada Endrissat.

Space is highly limited: Please be sure to RSVP early.

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Dr. Nada Endrissat is a social scientist and principal researcher of several research grants funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, focusing on processes of scent development. As such, she has been following the work of perfumers and related professionals. She is an active member of the Scent Culture Institute in Switzerland, a hub for projects on the sense of smell in culture, business and society.


The Institute for Art and Olfaction is a non-profit organization devoted to access, education and experimentation with scent. Its goal is to create new points of entry for people interested in the field of olfaction, while accommodating creative ideas in all mediums. In April 2014, the IAO launched the first annual Art and Olfaction Awards, a yearly awards mechanism designed to help celebrate excellence in independent and artisan perfumery. (

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT) – Add to Calendar

The Institute for Art and Olfaction – CHINATOWN – 932 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States – View Map

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