Expanding the sensorium: Smell in Art & Design Education

The Lucerne School of Art and Design is the oldest college of art and design in German-speaking Switzerland. In fact, it is celebrating the 140th anniversary of its foundation throughout this academic year. Thus, the school reflects on the history and prospects of art and design education and organizes a sequence of keynote lectures titled: €Craftsmen and Visionaries: Art and Design Education between Social Responsibility and Freedom. Here is the program: Ringvorlesung Symposium 2015In this context, Claus Noppeney has been invited to explore olfaction as an innovative field in art and design (education). Being strongly rooted in craftsmanship, traditional perfumery takes a cultural turn. Innovative products and services (see the Scent Culture Blog) show how the sense of smell steadily becomes a design parameter.  Moreover, the olfactory dimension is increasingly part of contemporary artistic practices.

Expanding the sensorium: Smell in Art & Design Education

Design Research

The MA Communication Design program at Bern University of the Arts has recently been substantially re-designed. «Design Entrepreneurship» and «Design Research» are the optional fields of concentration introduced by Robert Lzicar, the new head of the program. Prior to this, Robert also participated in the initial SNF project Wissensduft and co-authored a few papers leveraging his design background. This paper discusses niche perfumery in the context of design thinking and design-driven innovation. This is also the topic for the upcoming workshop that will be part of the Design Research Methods Festival. Over the course of six half-day workshops by researchers and experts from various fields provide an introduction to theories and practices that are relevant to design and design research.

Video on Scent Culture Research

“Interdisciplinarity” is the common theme of three videos Bern University of Applied Sciences recently posted on YouTube. One of the videos features scent culture and related research projects based at Bern University of the Arts and the Business School, two departments at Bern University of Applied Sciences. So far, the interdisciplinary approach has brought together professionals from diverse disciplines including social science, media art, visual communication, management research, psychology and curating.  Video on Scent Culture Research