Christophe Laudamiel at Duftbar in Solothurn

Today’s highlight at the Duftbar in Solothurn was the Christophe Laudamiel’s discussion with  Nada Endrissat and Claus Noppeney. The researchers who have been following Christophe’s creative practice in the context of several research grants funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation shared their insight with a diverse audience including industry experts as well as the general public. The audience deeply enjoyed Christophe’s unprecedented competence and passion to fragrance education.  Here are a few snapshots:

Photography by Natalie Fasnacht

A second workshop focusing on families and children with Christophe Laudamiel is scheduled for tomorrow. Please feel free to join!

An overview of the research output is available here. Further information on the research project is here.

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The complete program:

Programm Duftbar

The scentbar is a cooperation of the Swiss National Science Foundation project Smelling more, Smelling Differently at Bern University of Applied Sciences with the Solothurner Literaturtage 2019, Scent Culture Institute und Scent-Festival.