Re-awakening the Magic

The Perfumative. Perfume in Art and Design” was the title of an international conference at Zurich University of the Arts (8-10 November 2018). The conference seeked to open up a dialogue between perfumers, researchers, designers, and artists.

During the conference perfume was examined under various angles: technology, materiality, history, fashion, advertising, literature, and olfactory art.

The conference brought together an international crowd including: Mădălina Diaconu; Victoria Frolova; Antonio Gardoni; Martin Jäggi; Christian Janecke; Philip Kraft; Anne Kramer; Christophe Laudamiel (unfortunately he could not make it in the end); Anja Müller-Alsbach; Claus Noppeney; Satori Osawa; Elodie Pong; Jörg Scheller; Anna-Brigitte Schlittler; Katharina Tietze; Andy Tauer and Andreas Wilhelm.

The conference was a cooperation of the Departments of Art and Media (BA Art & Media) and Design (Trends & Identity), organized by Martin Jaeggi, Anne Kramer, Jörg Scheller and Katharina Tietze.

Claus Noppeney provided a socio-cultural overview on the history of perfumery using the notion of “magic” as a lense:

Re-awakening the magic: The artisan movement in perfumery

Here are a few snapshots taken by the organizers:

The conference is documented here.

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