Designing products for a new scent culture

The ongoing normalization of ambient scent creates a growing need for diffusers. In most cases diffusers convey some distinct atmosphere: it might be somehow esoteric or rather technical. But there are very few products we have seen so far that seem to resonate with current design culture. Here is an example by the French product designer Charline Ronzon-Jaricot.

Her statement is right to the point:

Perfumery is an all art and perfumes are the work of perfumer-artists. But the image we have of perfumes is stuck in the luxury and fashion context. They are never contemplated for their own beauty. Moreover, we are not educated enough to understand all the complexity of a perfume composition. The Ascentium is an object that allows decomposing the fragrance notes of a perfume. It allows understanding better the complexity of a perfume and the work of the perfumer. The perfumes are contemplated for what they have to show and for what the perfumer wanted to share.

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