Culturalizing Scent!

We have fleshed out some of the guiding ideas for Scent Culture Institute in our contribution to Designing with Smell: Designing with Smell: Practices, Techniques and Challenges – an impressive volumen honoring the work of Victoria Henshaw : Culturalizing scent! 

The work of Victoria Henshaw has been a great source of inspiration for our research and teaching at Bern. In particular when introducing the sense of smell in general management education. Thus, we are very excited and grateful that we are part of this edited volume:

Designing with smell! Practices, techniques & challenges: The book, initiated by the late Victoria Henshaw, was completed in her memory by Kate McLean, Dominic Medway, Chris Perkins, and Gary Warnaby as editors:

Scope of the book

“Designing with Smell ” aims to inspire readers to actively consider smell in their work through the inclusion of case studies from around the world, highlighting the current use of smell in different cutting-edge design and artistic practices. The book provides practical guidance regarding different equipment, techniques, stages and challenges which might be encountered as part of this process. Designing with Smell emphasizes spatial design in numerous forms and interpretations – in the street, the studio, the theatre or exhibition space, as well as the representation of spatial relationships with smell. The book includes some of the leading academics in the field, working with, or thinking about, smell in spatial design in some way, originating across different geographical areas, academic disciplines and professions. It is crucial reading for students, academics and practitioners working in olfactory design.”

Integrative approach towards smelling in design & art education

Our chapter proposes an integrative approach towards the sense of smell in design & art education: Culturalizing Scent. The title refers to the mission of our Scent Culture Institute. In fact, it is our mission. Since the creation in 2014, we have been working on diverse facets of this theme and pushed the boundaries: in cultural projects, lecture performances (with Bettina Rychener), education (e.g. at the University of St.Gallen) and the exhibition series at the Kunstmuseum Thun (co-curated by Ashraf Osman) …

Osman, A., Noppeney, C., & Endrissat, N. (2017). Culturalizing Scent: Current Steps towards Integrating the Sense of Smell in Art & Design Education. In V. Henshaw, K. McLean, D. Medway, C. Perkins, & G. Warnaby (Hrsg.), Designing with smell: practices, techniques and challenges (S. 169–177). New York: Routledge.

Please also note the valuable contributions by our friends, respected colleagues and heros: Jim Drobnick, Brian Goeltzenleuchter, David Howes, Kate McLean, Debra Parr, Nicola Pozzani, Jonathan Reinarz, Charles Spence, Samantha Warren, Kathleen Riach, Caro Verbeek.

For a limited sneakview:

Thanks a lot to Kate McLean, Dominic Medway, Chris Perkins, Gary Warnaby for your wonderful editorial work!