Exhibition in Berlin: “It smells like… flowers & fragrances”

The exhibition It smells like… flowers & fragrances’, on view at me Collectors Room in Berlin from 14 April to 1 July 2018, reveals the undiminished potential of the visually rich subject of depictions of flowers and the subversive olfactory power of fragrances in contemporary art. The curator is Dr Heike Fuhlbrügge.

I have not had a chance to visit the exhibition yet. But I plan to do so later this month. What sounds interesting about the concept is the reference to Gernot Böhme’s concept of atmosphere that is rooted in phenomenological analysis as well as an aesthetic understanding of postindustrial capitalism.

Moreover, the list of artists featured in this show crosses common boundaries. It includes a number of artists that are well known as painters. Another group represents the Berlin based art scene. With respect to the sense of smell a number of positions are new discoveries. However there seems to be an increasing number of artist exploring the medium of scent. Las year, Michael Müller, who is also part of the show presented a series of small sculptures taking the form of soaps and perfumes.

List of featured artists:
Olivia Berckemeyer (DE), Bertozzi & Casoni(IT), Norbert Bisky (DE), Armin Boehm (DE), Annedore Dietze (DE), Ayşe Erkmen (TUR), EVA & ADELE, Tine Furler (DE), Lennart Grau (DE), Gregor Hildebrandt (DE), Annett Kuhlmann (DE), Nadia Lichtig (FR), Leena Luostarinen (FL), Robert Mapplethorpe (GB), Jonathan Meese (DE), Michael Müller (DE), Karin Pliem (AT), Ged Quinn (GB), Gerhard Richter (DE), Thomas Schütte (DE), Luzia Simons (BR), Sissel Tolaas & Georg Hornemann (NO/DE), Tomoyuki Ueno (JP), Tina Winkhaus (DE), Hansa Wisskirchen (DE), Thomas Zitzwitz (DE)

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Image source: The photo has originally been published on the Instagram profile of Me Collectors https://scontent-frt3-2.cdninstagram.com/vp/06d53abe13a35ac94710497b24a36b39/5BB0C125/t51.2885-15/e35/30079979_196908581090753_3517939791540781056_n.jpg