Major international art prize for Anicka Yi working with smell

The conceptual artist Anicka Yi, who makes sculptures out of smell, has won the Hugo Boss Art Prize 2016. The magazine Dazed entitles: “Fragrance artist Anicka Yi wins major art prize”.

Contemporary art is littered with examples of artists who have created work out of unusual materials: Damien Hirst used pickled animals, Marc Quinn used his own blood and Helmut Lang used 6,000 pieces of his archive – shredded – but the winner of the 20th Hugo Boss Art Prize employs something perhaps even more unorthodox: smell.


South Korean artist Anicka Yi, who works predominantly with fragrance, makes art that can be enjoyed by our sense of smell, as well as sight. “Smell is a form of sculpture, because it has a lot of volume,” she is noted to have said. Her works include That Fork Feels Good Sliding in My Mouth which comprises of a canvas made from a scented soap.

In winning the Hugo Boss Art Prize 2016, Yi not only receives the hefty sum of $100,000 but also gets the opportunity to stage a solo exhibition at major New York gallery, the Guggenheim. Opening in April of next year, the exhibition will be the artist’s first big show on US soil. . .

“Fragrance artist Anicka Yi wins major art prize”(via Dazed)

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