Image & Olfaction

Imagem & Olfacção is the title of this project at Porto.


Imaginary Authors
Meo Fusciuni
In-House Smound

Primavera de Lima
Sara de Pinho
Jorge de Sousa
Manel Neves


We confront four artists photographers, with their own olfactory memories. Unknown to each other, with different aesthetic sensibilities and life experiences, we travel with them through different odors, aromas and fragrances. We wanted, that they smelled, felt and gained consciousness of the sense that quite naturally have, but probably very little had used consciously, in the creative process. We challenged a return to the past, and the capture of that moment!

We tease this ideasthesic moment with the intersection of semantic content, got through the experience of a lifetime, with an activator of olfactory memory, enclosed within a 5ml container in the form of a fragrance! The result was immediate. The journey had begun. Without any condition, or embarrassment. It would only be necessary to express it through the way that they knew best: The photography, unedited!

We were aware that from the point of view of real experience, the visual representation of scents, both in art and in literary descriptions, has nothing to do with olfactory art, but only with the meaning and with the suggestion of environments and atmospheres . We knew that an olfactory art work has to be really felt and smelled. Our goal is a more intense sensorial experience. From sight to the olfactory sense: from the olfaction to the Image. As such, we chose a synesthesic installation, where the images are displayed side by side with the scents, which gave rise to them. 16 Photos: 4 Artists, 4 Aromas, 4 images.

In a gallery, full of artistic memories, and that itself appeals to all the senses, located in heart of the historical area of Porto, and with a superb view over the Jardins das Virtudes and the Douro, will be open to the public from January 29 until February 27 2016.

To the imagination of the spectator!

  • Initiative: Smound _ Art & olfaction,
  • Support: Nicho _ Perfume d’Autor
  • Curated by João Losa & Tiago Monteiro
  • Special thanks to Josh Meyer, Giuseppe Imprezzabile and
    Laura Soutinho.

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