Anna-Sabina Zürrer & The Search for the Essence

Literate II, 2008, glass jars without covers, liquids, book particles, labels, 10-parts, 230 x 53 x 24 cm

The newest (April) issue of the main Swiss art monthly publication, Kunstbulletin, features an article on Swiss artist, Anna-Sabina Zürrer, titled “Die Suche nach der Essenz” (The Search for the Essence) written by SCI’s Claus Noppeney and Ashraf Osman.

Kunstbulletin 4/2015 Fokus // Anna-Sabina Zürrer
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Zürrer has two works, Wald (2011) and Solitude (2014), in the current exhibition at Museum Tinguely in Basel, “Belle Haleine – Der Duft der Kunst” (The Scent of Art), which runs until May 17. The article describes a couple of others works by Zürrer demonstrating how the artists arrived at scent in art through her reductive search for the essence of objects and material.

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