New olfactory worlds are replacing the modern age’s war on smell and remind us of the fleeting nature of our world. The worlds of design, fashion, business and art are discovering scents as an impact factor.

This NonBook is a box of question cards on the sense of smell in design and everyday life that sparks the creativity of the nose. It reveals the formative power of olfactory experiences and engages with newest findings from sensory & smell research.

This NonBook includes around 100 cue cards with a question. The publisher is the international design publisher Niggli. The editorial design is provided by Belepok. Box is scented by master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel.

The questions cast an unexpected light on everyday experiences, arranged by a set of distinct categories (e.g. design, life, consumption, intimacy, fantasy, work, memory, perfume).

The concept as well as the questions result from cutting edge research at Bern University of Applied Sciences. The questions have been developed and tested in interdisciplinary teaching formats and cultural projects.

Claus Noppeney: NoseWise: 100 Questions on the Magic of Smell. Niggli Verlag: 2020.