NZZ: “Mehr als schöner Atem” (More than beautiful breath)

Cildo Meireles, Volátil (Volatile), 1980/1994

The NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung), the Swiss newspaper of record, published a review of the Belle Haleine: The Scent of Art exhibition at Museum Tinguely in Basel penned by SCI’s Claus Noppeney. The review, titled “Mehr als schöner Atem” (More than beautiful breath) explores different artistic strategies employed at the exhibition by focusing on four works in it: the discursive in Jenny Marketou’s ”Smell You, Smell Me” (1998), the documentary in Clara Ursitti’s ”Eau Claire” (1993), the sensual in Ernesto Neto’s “Mentre accade niente” (2008), and the conceptual in Cildo Meireles’s “Volatil” (1980/1994).

The piece concludes with a glimpse at other related exhibitions in Europe this spring: There’s Something in the Air! – Scent in Art at the Villa Rot in the south of Germany and The Smell of War at castle De Lovie in the west of Belgium. Claus had written another piece for NZZ with Nada Endrissat last year on the topic of olfactory art titled “Kunst, die man riechen kann: Mehr als Duft und Gestank” (Art you can smell: More than scent and stench).

Image: Cildo Meireles, Volátil (Volatile), 1980/1994.

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