ODOU issue 4 out now!

Odou is the only magazine dedicated to smell and perfume through creative writing, photography and design. The issue is exclusively available for print.

ODOU issue 4 out now!

In issue 4 we go on a chronological perfume narrative. Beginning with raw materials like ambergris and myrtle,  Mandy Aftel and Hector Villeda-Martinez describe what makes them unique.

We go to perfume school with Dana El Masri, where she shares the inner workings of her time at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, and Writer John Preston fears he’s smelled the last great Comme des Garçons fragrance – understandably.

Perfumer and Writer Pia Long wants us to move on from ingredients lists, focusing on the beauty of the perfumes themselves, whilst Persolaise is searching for weird and otherworldly perfumes in the mainstream market. Brooke Belldon shares her joy for perfume events with illustrations by Massimo Alfaioli, and lastly, Alex Musgrave delivers a series of stunning scent shorts and visuals.

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