Peter de Cupere: Is This Mankind

Peter de Cupere’s exhibition ‘Eens was ik mens’ (Is This Mankind) features new sculputeres and drawings.


Opening tonight at 20h in de Warande in Belgium is the exhibition ‘Eens was ik mens’ (Is This Mankind) by olfactory artist, Peter de Cupere, with a never seen scent landscape to explore! The exhibition features new sculptures and drawings, videos, performance and a the release of a new book with an overview of 20 years of de Cupere’s work with scents! The book includes more than 1,500 photos, 11 scents, articles by Caro Verbeek and Willem Elias, and an interview with the artist by Ashraf Osman. (Hardcover, 472 pages, + 3kg)


More info (in Flemish) at: