Scent Culture Club: “The Art of Scent” vs. “The Scent of Art”

The upcoming gathering of our Scent Culture Club is devoted to two recent exhibitions covering the medium of scent in the museum.

Dear Scent Culture Enthusiasts,

In our next gathering, we will examine two different approaches to scent in museums, through the lens of two historic exhibitions:

Since we cannot visit these exhibitions in person, we will revisit them through our presentation and experience sections, which will include all eleven works from The Art of Scent. If you’re interested in some (brief) primer reading, please check out The Art of Scent & The Scent of Art.

We will meet this time in the Terrassenzimmer of Zentrum Karl der Grosse (not the Barockzimmer, as before). So if we’re lucky with the weather, we could even go outside on the terrace. We hope you can make it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 @ 6:00 PM

Zentrum Karl der Grosse (Kirchgasse 14, Zürich)

Terrassenzimmer (not Barockzimmer)

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