Scent Culture & Creative Professions:

Scent is now a topic a Bern University of the Arts. Here is the story:

It was the research project “Wissensduft” that introduced the issue of scent culture to Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland. However, as an institution of higher education, this school is above all known for its transdiciplinary approach to teaching in a number of creative and cultural fields: design, music, drama, media arts, fine arts, creative writing etc. Thus, all students participate in transdisciplinary projects and seminars organized and promoted by the “Y Institute“. In the summer 2013 Claus Noppeney happened to meet with Nicola Pozzani in the studio of Les Christophs at Berlin and heard about his course “Designing with Scent” at Kingston in London. It was then thanks to Andi Schon, the Head of Y Institute, that Nicola could develop the specific format “Olfactory Art & Design” that leverages the collaboration across the creative disciplines at Bern University of the Arts.

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Thanks to Nicola Pozzani it turned out to be a very popular course. In fact, it turned out to be a win-win situation for different stakeholders: Reflecting on the potential of the sense of smell in numerous applications the participating students get access to a very promising professional field. As a pioneering institution the university gains an innovative and competitive edge. And the aroma industry gets in touch with creative professionals who are about to design our material world considering the sense of smell in a more comprehensive way.

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