Gallery exhibition at Berlin: Perfume in art & fashion

Michael Müller, best known as a sculptor, shows in his recent exhibition at the Berlin based gallery Thomas Schulte a series of small sculptures taking the form of perfumes, soaps etc. The perfume contains a drop of the artist’s sweat as Michael Müller remarks in an interview:

“The cosmetic products can be read, above all, as a satirical commentary on the assumption that art and its related social events are fundamentally open to all social classes alike. This also relates to my own background as a child of a working-class family and is an attempt to realise the utopian idea of a “classless” art in two ways. The hand-printed soap and the perfume contain a drop of my sweat, so almost anyone can take a piece of the artist home with them. The industrial hand cream and “undernail polish”, with which to apply a dirt line under the fingernails, simulate the residue of physical labour while also being very functional.”


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