Smell Memory Kit

The Smell Memory Kit is a tool to capture moments of your life developed by the concept store and manufacturer Supersense in Vienna.The tool was developed in collaboration with Sissel Tolaas. It has recently been featured by Newsweek: Smell Memory Kit Lets You Tag Events With Custom-Made Aromas:

“Other artists have worked with olfaction art, like New York artist Martyna Wawrzyniak, who last year placed an ad in an issue of Harper’s Bazaar of her own sweat disguised as a perfume ad. Brian Goeltzenleuchter crowdsourced the smells of 10 neighborhoods in Los Angeles for a “scent-scape” map shown last year at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Meanwhile, Peter de Cupere is an artist who created a project called “NY Smells Like,” gathering smells from residents. He also co-created the first smell-recognition iPad app, Olfacio, and invented the first scent piano, the Olfactiano, which plays “scent sonatas.””

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