The Art of Scent 2.0

“The Art of Scent 1889 – 2014” curated by Chandler Burr presents perfume makers as artists and places their olfactory works as creations of art, literature and music, identifying them with the aesthetic movements to which they belong. 

The curator of the exhibition, Chandler Burr, points out:

In 1889 Aimé Guerlain created the glorious lie that is Jicky, based on synthetic molecules that began to free olfactory artists from the limitations of nature. ‘The Art of Scent 1889 – 2014’ presents this and seven other brilliant works of truth for our consideration

The Madrid exhibition is an updated version of the previous exhibition that was presented in the New York Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in 2012.

The other exhibits are:

RomanticismJicky by Aimé Guerlain for Guerlain.
ModernismChanel No5 by Ernest Beaux for Chanel.
SurrealismAngel by Olivier Cresp for Thierry Mugler.
Neo-RomanticismPrada Amber by Carlos Benaïm, Max Gavarry and Clément Gavarry for Prada.
PhotorealismEau de Lierre by Fabrice Pellegrin for Diptyque.
Figurative contemporaryJ’adore L’Absolu by François Demachy for Dior.
NeoclassicismAqua Universalis by Francis Kurkdjian for Maison Francis Kurkdjian.
20th century retroAura by Emilio Valeros for Loewe.

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