We conceptualize and moderate controversial panel discussions and facilitate workshops for conferences, businesses and cultural organizations on the following umbrella themes:

Und einige beispielhafte Themen und Titel in deutscher Sprache gibt es hier.

Along these themes Scent Culture associates offer informative, educational and thought-provoking lectures & presentations.

Selection of Talks & Workshops: 

The science and magic of olfaction (10/16/2018) - A recent event of the series “Arte in Azienda” offered an exploration of the sense of smell at […]
“Mindblowing” Workshop on Smelling & Organizing at Tallinn #offegos2018 (6/20/2018) - The 4th Space, Creativity & Organizing Workshop was devoted to the senses – in particular to the sense of smell. 
Enchanting worlds (10/20/2017) - It was the social theorist Max Weber who identified progressive disenchantment as an underlying process of modernity. More […]
Indie Perfume: Disruption and Dissent (6/26/2017) - The Perfumer’s Studio at Los Angeles hosted a talk & discussion with Claus Noppeney entitled: “Indie Perfume: Disruption […]
How to remain creative in artistic perfumery? – Panel at Esxence 2017 (3/22/2017) - Bodo Kubartz and Claus Noppeney organized and facilitated the session “Staying ahead: how to remain creative in today’s competitive niche […]
Scent Masquerade: Gendering your Nose (3/12/2017) - Do you remember the commercials that promote deodorants and openly appeal to sexist phantasies? Women are drawn in […]

Our Commitment

Our contributions inform, inspire & empower.  Our talks & workshops are based on cutting edge research and sound analysis. Have a look at some recent feedbacks:

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We are passionate about our work and build on a broad professional experience in culture, academia and consulting.

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