Business & Management

Scent Culture associates offer educational and thought-provoking lectures & presentations. We conceptualize and moderate controversial panel discussions and above all facilitate workshops for conferences, businesses and cultural organizations.

A selection of business & management topics:

  • Scent marketing: Intensifying customer experiences
  • Fragrant innovations: The potential of olfaction for products & services
  • Multisensory facilitation: Turning Powerpoint to smell
  • The culture of car smells: Taking a drive through the olfactory carscape
  • Consumer culture: Multisensory customer experience
  • Intangible services: The smelly perspective
  • Smelly I-phones: The digital divide and beyond
  • Challenging leadership: Talking about smell!
  • Inspiring workplaces: The potential of multisensory workplace design
  • The scent interface: Assuring successful collaborations with perfumers

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Please contact us to find out more about a potential workshop, talk or keynote presentation in your organization or setting. If there are other topics you are interested in, please get in touch. We are always interested to hear about new questions!

Our commitment

Our contributions inform, inspire & empower.  Our talks & workshops are based on cutting edge research and sound analysis. Have a look at some recent feedbacks:

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We are passionate about our work and build on a broad professional experience in business, academia and consulting.