The Art and Olfaction Awards: Professionalizing Artistic Perfumery

Last summer, we made a connection between Exsence, the annual meeting of the independent perfume business in Milano, and the emerging Art and Olfaction Awards at Los Angeles resulting in a wonderful partnership and a great session at Exsence 2016..

As mentioned in an earlier post, as part of a partnership between the Scent Culture Institute (SCI) and the Institute of Art and Olfaction (IAO), Dr. Claus Noppeney of SCI has been leading research at the Bern University of Applied Sciences on awards processes and their role and influence within the Artistic Perfumery world. He presented the subject to the audience of “Esxence: The Scent of Excellence” in Milan on Thursday, March 26th in the context of the Art and Olfaction Awards, a major step for the development of this field, and the analysis of their first two rounds. Claus was joined by Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the IAO in Los Angeles, both as speaker and to announce the finalists of the second edition of the awards. Here is their presentation:


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