Fragrance Journalism

The Perfumed Plume Awards bestow honors in fragrance journalism.There are several categories:

  • Scent stories in mainstream media: magazines (print or digital)
  • Scent stories in mainstream media: newspapers (print or digital)
  • Blog postings
  • Visualization of scent stories: overall design presentation (print or digital)
  • Science of scent stories in mainstream media: magazines/newspapers (print or digital)/blog postings
  • Fragrance books: an award in this category will be given at the discretion of the consulting committee based on the number of fragrance books published between December 2014 and December 2015

Submissions will be accepted as of MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2015, and will close on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2015. Read more at the link above.

The Perfumed Plume Awards to Honor Excellence in Fragrance Journalism |

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