Value of management research @ World Perfumery Congress

World Perfumery Congress Speaking at the World Perfumery Congress

At the World Perfumery Congress 2014 in Deauville, Claus Noppeney gave a presentation on the value of management research for the perfume industry. Based on the research projects at Bern University of Applied Sciences he argued that the development of new scents is above all an organizational process that involves the collaboration across disciplines, organizations and the senses. The rise of niche perfumery demonstrates that design-driven, cultural and aesthetic innovation is gaining importance. These non-technical types of innovation hardly follow from the development of new ingredients or technical deliveries. Instead, it is a result of organizing practices known from the creative industries. In fact, it is high time to expand the notion of innovation. A closer collaboration with management and design research is a first step to provide the perfume industry with fresh and informed insights on processes and practices in the industry. This will “open new avenues and complement the programs on ingredients and technical delivery” as Perfumer & Flavorist summarized the presentation.

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