Cultural Production

Scent Culture Institute was created in the context of Bern Biennial 2014.  In fact, the name was used as an artistic label for performing the Bern Urban Scent Walks. Since then Scent Culture Institute and SCI associates have been involved in developing and realizing several cultural productions. The most recent project was the festival crossing the boundaries of literature & scent in 2019:

Düfte plaudern lassen: Rückblick auf Duft – & Literaturfestival in Solothurn (6/11/2019) - Wenn Düfte erzählen hiess es vom 26. Mai bis zum 2. Juni 2019 in Solothurn. Im Rahmen des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds Agora Projekts Smelling more, smelling differently an der Berner Fachhochschule gab es eine Eventreihe mit mehreren hundert Besuchern, die als innovatives Duft- und Literaturfestival in die Annalen geht: interaktiv, partizipativ & performativ. Die Entwicklung neuer Düfte wurde zuvor in zwei weiteren Nationalfondsprojekten in Bern aus einer Managementperspektive mit einem innovativen Methodenmix untersucht. Wenn Düfte erzählen erweiterte diese Ansätze für den Dialog mit der Öffentlichkeit. Hier ein Rückblick auf Präsentationen, Schreibateliers, Workshops, Lesungen und die Duftbar.
Scent Masquerade: Gendering your Nose (3/12/2017) - Do you remember the commercials that promote deodorants and openly appeal to sexist phantasies? Women are drawn in hordes to any male who has sprayed himself liberally with the deodorant – the “Axe effect”. The commercials have been known as the world’s sexist advertising campaign for many years.  
Olfactory Exhibition Series at Projektraum Enter in Kunstmuseum Thun  (11/23/2015) - What does scent have to do with art? At first glance, nothing, it seems. But scent has long been a part of art on many levels, and is increasingly so nowadays. From the materials and processes used to produce art to the subject matters of the work itself, scent—whether present physically or only in memory...
Urban Scent Walk in Shanghai (7/4/2015) - In the context of the Y Think Tank at Tongji University in Shanghai, this workshop provided the opportunity to experience the ephemeral materiality of scents and smells and to reflect of its cultural and economic relevance.
UBS Arts Forum: Expanding the Notion of Sculpture (11/18/2014) - This fall, the UBS Arts Forum was devoted to contemporary sculpture. In this context, the program featured a lecture by Claus Noppeney on Expanding the Notion of Sculpture: “Mit der Nase in die Skulptur” and three scent sculptures by Christophe Laudamiel and Christoph Hornetz were exhibited at the Seepark Thun.
Biennale Bern: Urban Scent Walk (11/16/2014) - It seems, in our times of antiseptic cities and scentless cyber-existence, the hunger for scent in the cultural arena is larger than ever. As such, the Urban Scent Walk (USW) seems to have hit the spot at the 2014 Biennale Bern!
Wissensduft @ Museum Bellerive (11/16/2012) - The Museum Bellerive, a department of the Museum of Design in Zurich devoted an entire exhibition to perfumery: “Perfume – Bottling Seduction”.

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