Scent Culture Institute

Scent Culture Institute is a hub for projects on smelling in culture, business & society based at Bern & Zurich in Switzerland:

  • We offer thought leadership on the use of the senses in an increasingly experiential & aesthetic economy.
  • We initiate and lead cutting edge research projects at Bern University of Applied Sciences.
  • We are cultural producers.
  • We offer innovative teaching & training in world class art, design & management education programs.
  • We are active members of international networks: business, culture, academia.
  • We want to be local activists – Join us!
  • We invite you to pay attention to your nose, attune to its input, its wisdom, its whimsy.

Western culture & society will only develop further, if it turns scent into a stimulus for critical reflection – not an invitation for hypnosis. Since founding Scent Culture Institute in 2014, we have been working on this premise. More recently, we have fleshed out some of the guiding ideas in our contribution to Designing with Smell: Designing with Smell: Practices, Techniques and Challenges: Culturalizing scent! Activities of Scent Culture Institute have frequently been featured in international media.

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