Media Presence

Our activities are regularly featured in the media. Moreover, our contributions also actively shape public discourse on smelling in business, culture and society. Here are some examples of our media presence:


Automobility & Scent Culture: Another Market for Olfactory Nostalgia? (10/20/2017) - The olfactory dimension of automobility is the core theme of a recent essay by Claus Noppeney published in “Das Magazin” a weekly supplement to several Swiss newspapers.



Scent: Beyond control (3/23/2017) - In a recent interview with the Swiss-German daily newspaper Bund published in Bern Claus Noppeney talks about the role of scent in contemporary culture and society: “Scent control is a challenge“.  



Fabrik features Scent Culture Institute (12/20/2016) - The Fabrik media platform profiles influential and visionary innovators, features contemporary artists, distinctive galleries, trendsetting designers, discerning architects, and showcases emerging artists. Among the array of publications is Fabrik, the quarterly print magazine that presents an insightful perspective on the international contemporary art scene from a Los Angeles point of view.



Le Courrier: C’est dans l’air (9/3/2016) - The Geneva newspaper, Le Courrier, has published an article by Samuel Schellenberg on olfactory art, C’est dans l’air!, which features the Scent Culture Institute and our Kunstmuseum Thun series, as well as olfactory artist Peter de Cupere, Mike Bouche’s The Zurich Load at Manifesta 11, and Museum Tinguely‘s “Belle Haleine: The Scent of Art.



A Nose for Innovation: A Bernese Tradition? (6/6/2015) - The city of Bern runs a lively blog that monthly discusses business related issues in the economic area of the Swiss capital. Through it, a diverse selection of people from business, culture, civil service and society engage in public discourse. In this context, Claus Noppeney identifies “olfactory milestones” in the remarkable history of the city...



NZZ: “Mehr als schöner Atem” (More than beautiful breath) (4/24/2015) - The NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung), the Swiss newspaper of record, published a review of the Belle Haleine: The Scent of Art exhibition at Museum Tinguely in Basel penned by SCI’s Claus Noppeney. The review, titled “Mehr als schöner Atem” (More than beautiful breath) explores different artistic strategies employed at the exhibition by focusing on four...





Reaching out to the public: Kunst Duft NZZ NZZ: On the sense of smell in art (1/26/2014) - The Zurich based NZZ published an overview on the current landscape of art & olfaction by Claus Noppeney & Nada Endrissat:



Dash magazine: Molecular brand competition (8/15/2014) - DASH, the London-based illustrated magazine on fashion and fashion art, published an interview with Claus Noppeney (Autumn / Winter 2013 Issue): ”Olfactory Ontologies“ follows from a longer discussion with Stephen Fortune, an interactive media artist and science editor from London.



“The Making of Wissensduft”: Research Portrayed in Magazine by Swiss National Science Foundation (8/15/2014) - An article published in “Horizons – the Swiss magazine for scientific research” tells the “making of” story of the initial research project “Wissensduft”:



20minuten: Kein Duft ohne Bilder (11/13/2013) - 20 Minuten (English: 20 Minutes, said Twenty Minutes) is a free daily newspaper in Switzerland. Thanks to the substantial support of the Gebert Rüf Foundation and its initiative for sciencetainment this popular commuter newspaper successfully launched a special science section on a weekly basis. This is the context for this feature: Thanks a lot to Beat Glogger for his effective...