We conceptualize and moderate controversial panel discussions and facilitate workshops for conferences, businesses and cultural organizations on the following umbrella themes:

Along these themes Scent Culture associates offer informative, educational and thought-provoking lectures & presentations.

Selection of Talks & Workshops:

Enchanting worlds (10/20/2017) - It was the social theorist Max Weber who identified progressive disenchantment as an underlying process of modernity. More recently, this creed of modern thinking has increasingly been challenged. Thus, enchantment often evokes the sublime and refers to an aura of authentic presence. Moreover, enchantment has been used as an analytical lense to look at consumer...
Indie Perfume: Disruption and Dissent (6/26/2017) - The Perfumer’s Studio at Los Angeles hosted a talk & discussion with Claus Noppeney entitled: “Indie Perfume: Disruption and Dissent”.
Sensory profiling, Kaffee; Coffee; sensory experience, product scent Sensory turn in in management education (10/2/2017) - Some insights from our recent sensory turn in management education:
Expanding the sensorium: Smell in Art & Design Education (11/19/2015) - The Lucerne School of Art and Design is the oldest college of art and design in German-speaking Switzerland. In fact, it is celebrating the 140th anniversary of its foundation throughout this academic year. Thus, the school reflects on the history and prospects of art and design education and organizes a sequence of keynote lectures titled:...
Beyond Genius: Creativity in perfume-making (6/25/2016) - Perfume-making – without a doubt – is a creative practice. Yet, our understanding of creativity is often limited. We basically think about the outstanding achievements of a creative genius without exploring the practices and strategies that underlie their creative solutions. This talk opens the blackbox of creativity: It will focus on empirical data from case...
Beyond De-Odorant & Scent-Marketing: The Sense of Smell at the Workplace (9/15/2016) - It is apparent that the sense of smell can hardly be switched off at the workplace. Yet, business and management research has only recently started to explore its relevance.
How to remain creative in artistic perfumery? – Panel at Esxence 2017 (3/22/2017) - Bodo Kubartz and Claus Noppeney organized and facilitated the session “Staying ahead: how to remain creative in today’s competitive niche perfumery.” The abstract set the stage: “Over the last couple of years, the niche perfume segment has become increasingly competitive. What are the challenges that niche perfumery is facing today? What are the opportunities to stay ahead of...
World Perfumery Congress Value of management research @ World Perfumery Congress (8/15/2014) - At the World Perfumery Congress 2014 in Deauville, Claus Noppeney gave a presentation on the value of management research for the perfume industry. Based on the research projects at Bern University of Applied Sciences he argued that the development of new scents is above all an organizational process that involves the collaboration across disciplines, organizations...

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