“There is a pleasure in the ‘Pathless Woods’”

The new Monda Gallery of Contemporary Art at the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida opened on November 4 with a site-specific installation by American artist Anne Patterson, featuring a scent by Beau Rhee. dps_0556-for-web

Titled Pathless Woods, referencing a line of Byron’s poetry – “There is a pleasure in the pathless woods” – the interactive multi-media installation invites visitors to find their own path through a forest of ribbons, each directional choice leading to a unique experience.

Pathless Woods continues Patterson’s exploration into creating synesthetic environments, which begun with the 2013 project Graced With Light installed to great acclaim at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. This work features a musical piece, “The Garden of Cosmic Speculation” by Michael Gandolfi as well as projections by the artist Adam Larsen. On Thursday evenings a scent evocative of a forest and created specifically for the installation by Beau Rhee, will be sprayed in the galleries. Patterson believes the resulting experience will leave visitors feelings as if they are, “swimming through color.”

The exhibition, curated by Matthew McLendon, will run till early May 2017.

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