E Nase voll Alltag – an der Bar

Jetzt starten wir eine Serie von Events in Zürich: Es geht los am

Dienstag, 23. Januar 2018 um 18.00
Exer Bar 
Tellstrasse 10, 8004 Zürich

Wie riecht dein Alltag? Unser tägliches Leben ist geprägt von unterschiedlichsten Düften: einige berauschen an, andere fallen uns gar nicht mehr auf und wieder anderen versuchen wir auszuweichen.  “E Nase voll Alltag” heisst der Auftakt für die Scent Culture Initative. Aus dem Exer, einer coolen Bar im Kreis 4,  machen wir für ein paar Stunden eine Duftbar. Alltägliches ungewohnt erleben und neu entdecken. Neue Leute treffen, Bekannte wiedersehen. Erkennst du die unterschiedlichen Gerüche und was lösen sie in dir aus? Komm vorbei und nimm “e Nase voll”.

Die beste Nase wird belohnt!

Selbstverständlich machen wir mit unserer Duftbar den wunderbaren Freunden von der echten Scentbar – luckyscent in Los Angeles – keine Konkurrenz. Don’t worry! Wir verkaufen keine Parfums.

Hinter der Initiative stecken Lucas Heusser und Claus Noppeney.

Quellenangabe für Photo: https://de.foursquare.com/v/exer-bar/584ed264e612f21c7c0564dd/photos

Fragrant patterns in big data !

The web facility Google Trends shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.  The horizontal axis of the main graph represents time (starting from 2004), and the vertical is how often selected terms are searched for relative to the total number of searches, globally.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-17 um 16.52.12

Our comparison of a few olfactory terms reveals some peculiar pattern:

Fragrant patterns in big data !

Scent Culture Monitor

In 2015, we started Scent Culture News to shape and build scent culture as field. Following our mission  we have highlighted and connected fragmented themes, ideas, references, and projects that relate to the sense of smell in culture, business and society. More recently, we made a pause and reflected on recurring themes, issues and concepts. As a next step we want to shift our attention from merely disseminating news to a more provocative approach: The launch of our series of smellshots  is a first consequence.The heading “Monitor”  serves as an umbrella for posts that inform about new development, share observations and commentaries. Thus, the posts from the old Scent Culture New site have also recently been imported to this site.

Scent Culture Monitor

Enchanting worlds

It was the social theorist Max Weber who identified progressive disenchantment as an underlying process of modernity. More recently, this creed of modern thinking has increasingly been challenged. Thus, enchantment often evokes the sublime and refers to an aura of authentic presence. Moreover, enchantment has been used as an analytical lense to look at consumer culture as well as new worlds of work. Accordingly, symbolic manipulation is used to enchant customers and employees. Enchanting worlds