He suffered death and was buried

The entombment of Christ is one of several standard representations of Jesus’s suffering and death at the hands of the Romans. According to the Christian tradition Pontius Pilate granted Joseph of Arimathea permission to take Christ’s body down from the cross for burial. In addition, the gospel according to John...

Designing products for a new scent culture

The ongoing normalization of ambient scent creates a growing need for diffusers. In most cases diffusers convey some distinct atmosphere: it might be somehow esoteric or rather technical. But there are very few products we have seen so far that seem to resonate with current design culture.

Scent in art & design education

Berlin University of the Arts is one of the largest institutions of higher art & design education in Europe. An experimental course on scent/smell offered by Scent Culture Institute will be part of its liberal arts program in the spring/summer semester 2018. 

Scent Culture Initiative: Gelungener Nose Cocktail in Zürich

Unsere Scent Culture Initiative erlebte einen kurzweiligen Abend mit bekannten und vor allem auch neuen Gesichtern und Ideen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen. Lucas Heusser hatte Drinks und passende Düfte vorbereitet. Möglich war dies dank befreundeter Geister im Hintergrund: Mayumi Matthaeus von Süskind.  Merci an alle fürs Kommen, Ideen und Weitersagen… Beim nächsten Mal...

Smelly typography

Can letters smell? How can typography smell? This school project experiments with smelly materials – in this case onions. Interestingly, there is even an economic layer of meaning: Apparently, onions are expensive in India! Sneha Keshav: “An experimental type done as a school project. Seems apt right now, given the...

Smelly theory of private property

The genesis of private property has been a recurring theme in political philosophy since ancient times. In his essays on the five senses the French philosopher Michel Serres proposes a “smelly theory of private property”:

Scent design influences the behaviour of people in crowds at Eindhoven

In addition to light, sound, color and other design dimensions scent is increasingly used to influence human emotions and behavior. Aromatherapy is the discipline that has developed this expertise and knowledge of centuries. Scent Marketing is currently an obvious case. But there are also non-commercial contexts as this story from...

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