Texts meeting practice

Perfumery is not just a matter of mixing aromatics in a vessel, but it is effectively a network, where texts meet practice, trade, geography, politics, and religion in a literal and material manner.” — James McHugh

Idiosyncratic mnemo technique

“I switch perfumes all the time. If I’ve been wearing one perfume for three months, I force myself to give it up, even if I still feel like wearing it, so whenever I smell it again it will always remind me of those three months. I never go back to...

The intimacy of perfume choice

Traditionally, perfumes are bought as a gift by men for women. Today the situation is certainly more divers. And a recent study reveals further insights: Women do not buy fragrances they like for female friends. The study is summarized in Business Insider: Science has uncovered an unspoken etiquette about women...

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