Video trailer: Have a look!

The research project Wissensduft funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation focused on the development and use of the visual concept for a new fragrance in the case of the label Humiecki & Graef. This video trailer follows this special artifact through the entire product development process: from its creation in a design studio up to the launch at Excense, the major artistic perfumery trade fair, in Milano in 2011: Have a look & enjoy the insights! Clock on the image!

ODE: Scent inspired stories!

Artistic research is an increasingly popular term to conceptualize research activities in the world of art & design universities. The concept highlights the epistemic aspects of artistic practices. Accordingly, certain artistic practices are driven by questions and aim at generating knowledge. Considering iconic cases from art & design history (e.g. Bauhaus) it might even more the terminology and the explicit framing of artistic practice as a research practice that is a more recent phenomenon. ODE: Scent inspired stories!