DUFTBAR: Wenn Düfte erzählen: 26. Mai bis 2. Juni in Solothurn

Vom 26. Mai bis zum 2. Juni 2019 verwandelt sich die Couronne Bar in Solothurn in eine DuftBar mit Kompositionen von Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Christophe Laudamiel, Sean Raspet und Andreas Wilhelm. Zur DuftBar gehören auch Stationen der Entwicklung dieser Wohlgerüche sowie auch exklusive Rohmaterialien, die die Besucher*innen als Teil komplexer Kompositionen erleben können. Der...


“Wherever I create something I like, I can be sure that it is too far out.” – ANDREAS WILHELM


“As a perfumer I am the car. The FDM is the driver.” – Andreas Wilhelm

Beyond Genius: Creativity in perfume-making

Perfume-making – without a doubt – is a creative practice. Yet, our understanding of creativity is often limited. We basically think about the outstanding achievements of a creative genius without exploring the practices and strategies that underlie their creative solutions. This talk opens the blackbox of creativity: It will focus...

How to cope with IFRA?

There is a growing number of DIY perfumers who aim at entering the European market. Karen Gilbert who runs an online perfume course published a quick guide to navigating IFRA for those making perfume for sale in the European Union.

20minuten: Kein Duft ohne Bilder

20 Minuten (English: 20 Minutes, said Twenty Minutes) is a free daily newspaper in Switzerland. Thanks to the substantial support of the Gebert Rüf Foundation and its initiative for sciencetainment this popular commuter newspaper successfully launched a special science section on a weekly basis. This is the context for this feature: Thanks a lot to...

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