A new book for the curious…

Different types of books contribute to the field of scent culture: coffee table books, scholarly books, perfume guides and many more. This book is different. It is original in its approach, writing and design: Nose Dive by Catherine Haley Epstein.

Rotten eggs on the road?

A car is a means of transportation. This is obvious. What is less obvious however is that the car shows specific sensory or even olfactory qualities: A car uses smelly petrol or diesel. Driving a car even turns the vehicle into an openair-design machine. At the end of the day...

The smell of the moon

The smell of the moon has been a recurring topic in popular as well as academic science. Following their expedition astronauts described the smell of the moon. MOON, Scratch and Sniff is commissioned by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and was launched there as part of an event on olfactory art in September 2010.

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