Air Sculpture® Finnish-Hungarian Osmolanguage #5 | Chelsea Music Festival NYC, June 12-20, 2015

Air Sculpture® Finnish-Hungarian Osmolanguage #5 is the fourth scent created by Christophe Laudamiel for the festival and is being played in the air via Prolitec®scent players at some of the functions and performances. In a bold move and as a special treat, CMF and DreamAir have decided to divulge the 2015 formula of the scent here, the perfumery equivalent of sheet music in order to educate the public about the art of scent composition. 

NOTE: In order to protect know-how, trade secrets and author rights of scents, DreamAir does not support the systematic publication of scent formulas. Scent compositions and smells are offered very little to non-existent protections from the law.  However DreamAir does support olfactory education and four formulations for education purposes are now available here.