Materializing the Immaterial

The research project „Wissensduft“ aims at contributions to different academic conversations. One of it looks at the way material objects and artifacts are conceived in organizing processes. In fact, it was an article on the role of visual representations as epistemic objects in architecture by Ewenstein/Whyte that inspired the initial proposal. Thus, the article Materializing the Immaterial by Nada Endrissat and Claus Noppeney captures central insights of the project. It outlines how the question of materializing the immaterial is approached by the creative director and the two perfumers. Central to the chapter’s findings is the visual concept that serves as a material representation of the specific emotion selected for the new scent. Throughout the development process, the concept takes on different roles in response to the specific situational challenges (boundaries) and relationships in which it is embedded. The chapter is part of the volume How Matter Matters edited by Paul R. Carlile, Davide Nicolini, Ann Langley, and Haridimos Tsoukas.