When will there be a professor for olfaction & space? And where?

The University of Applied Sciences & Arts Hildesheim is looking for a new professor for “light & space” for its department of lighting design.  Reflecting on the olfactory turn we slightly rewrote the official job opening: 

Why is light a design dimension that is taught at universities? And why is the olfactory dimension widely considered a craft taught in trade schools? What is the difference between light and olfaction? Why is there no professor of scent design? And what could  a professor of scent design actually teach? Or research? What difference could a professor of scent design make? What makes the difference between a perfumer and a scent designer? What could someone graduating in scent design do? What could they do differently from other design graduates? Finally, which design university will be the pioneer? …


The fragrant heritage of the geographical area

Insiders in the field of perfumery, smell or scent culture might notice a further peculiarity about this add. The job opening is at the University of Applied Sciences & Arts Hildesheim. This university is geographically based in three towns: Hildesheim, Göttingen and Holzminden. The last name should ring a bell! In the history of perfumery Holzminden is known for being the hometown for Dragoco and Haarmann & Reimer  (founded in 1874).  The merger of the two firms is known today as Symrise. The city of Holzminden takes pride in its fragrant heritage as this special scentwalk demonstrates.

Calling on the university president

Dear President of the University of Applied Sciences & Arts Hildesheim, dear Dr. Haudy, dear Dean of the Faculty of Design, dear Dr. Oehlmann why not taking advantage of this heritage? Why not being a pioneer of institutionalizing scent culture in the domain of university education?

Approaching smell in design education

We have recently addressed some of the above questions and outlined an integrative approach towards smelling in design & art education. It is high time to expand the sensorium in design education. A few days ago, Caro Verbeek addressed the olfactory turn in the humanities and listed a number of courses including a few examples from the field of design & art education.

We are looking forward to discussing the questions above further.

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