Kunstbulletin, Anna-Sabina Zürrer & The Search for the Essence

The newest (April) issue of the main Swiss art monthly publication, Kunstbulletin, features an article on Swiss artist, Anna-Sabina Zürrer, titled “Die Suche nach der Essenz” (The Search for the Essence) written by SCI’s Claus Noppeney and Ashraf Osman. Zürrer has two works, Wald (2011) and Solitude (2014), in the current exhibition at Museum Tinguely in Basel, “Belle Haleine – Der Duft der Kunst” (The Scent of Art), which runs until May 17. The article describes a couple of others works by Zürrer demonstrating how the artists arrived at scent in art through her reductive search for the essence of objects and material.