How to remain creative in artistic perfumery? – Panel at Esxence 2017

Esxence, the yearly artistic perfumery expo in Milan, opened yesterday , with a full calendar of events. If you’re around in Milano, please get in touch for a chat or a coffee!

Bodo Kubartz and Claus Noppeney organized and facilitated the session “Staying ahead: how to remain creative in today’s competitive niche perfumery.” The abstract set the stage: “Over the last couple of years, the niche perfume segment has become increasingly competitive. What are the challenges that niche perfumery is facing today? What are the opportunities to stay ahead of the game?” We were very happy to engage in a conversation with international experts Lisa Bonfatti (Campomarzio70), Rossella Caputo (Sales Agent and Perfume Scout), and Barbara Herman (Owner and Creative Director of Eris Parfums, Author, and Blogger). The provocative statements we developed beforehand contributed to a vivid and reflective atmosphere. This was also noted in the blogosphere that covered the discussion (e.g. Chemist in the Bottle). Thanks a lot to all panelists for engaging in this conversation. Here are the slides we used for the discussion:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-24 um 23.53.09

And a link to the video: