Esxence 2009-2017

The trade fair Esxence can truly be considered as a field configuring event for niche perfumery. In 2017, the record number of 207 brands were present at the fair. However only 3 brands have continuously participated in the fair from its very beginning in 2009.

How to remain creative in artistic perfumery? – Panel at Esxence 2017

Bodo Kubartz and Claus Noppeney organized and facilitated the session “Staying ahead: how to remain creative in today’s competitive niche perfumery.” The abstract set the stage: “Over the last couple of years, the niche perfume segment has become increasingly competitive. What are the challenges that niche perfumery is facing today? What are the opportunities to stay ahead of the game?” How to remain creative in artistic perfumery? – Panel at Esxence 2017

The phenomenon of olfactory time

By Eddie Bulliqui, SCI associate, published on 24 November 2016

Perfume is a time art in the same way that film and music are time arts. In order to qualify as perfume or film or music, each must engage its medium with transitions, displacements, and modifications that indicate a debt with time. Without time’s passing, perfume would have no means to realise itself, leaving two options: either existing as unrealised potential on the skin (or bottle, or blotter) that never reaches the nose, or pervading as an omnipresent flat sensation that never changes. Transience, development, and diffusion are absolutely fundamental to the olfactory experience. Whilst perfume has to testify to time, what kind of time and how it does so is the subject of this discourse. The phenomenon of olfactory time