Constructive Criticism: Fueling Fragrance Interest

Here are the slides of the recent the talk: Beyond the Juice: The Role of Blogs and Awards, The discussion at the Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO) in Los Angeles was recently featured on the Fragrance Foundation website in a brief piece by Dawn McCoy. And below is a PDF of the presentation for Beyond the Juice: The Role of Blogs and Awards. Constructive Criticism: Fueling Fragrance Interest

Beyond the Juice: The Role of Blogs and Awards

Artistic perfumery has essentially been about the juice from its very beginning in the late 1970s: Jean Laporte started L’Artisan Parfumeur and  focused on the juice as well as its creator. Later on, corporate players became interested in this vibrant segment and launched their own niche lines. More recently, the Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO) was created, signaling a comprehensive “new approach to the olfactory arts“ (Saskia Wilson-Brown, IAO founder’s statement, 2012). Consequently, the IAO’s prominent Art & Olfaction Awards highlight the artistry in perfumery. In fact, the awards propose to celebrate the value of the juice, and the juice alone.

Beyond the Juice: The Role of Blogs and Awards

The Art and Olfaction Awards: Professionalizing Artistic Perfumery

As mentioned in an earlier post, as part of a partnership between the Scent Culture Institute (SCI) and the Institute of Art and Olfaction (IAO), Dr. Claus Noppeney of SCI has been leading research at the Bern University of Applied Sciences on awards processes and their role and influence within the Artistic Perfumery world. He presented the subject to the audience of “Esxence: The Scent of Excellence” in Milan on Thursday, March 26th in the context of the Art and Olfaction Awards, a major step for the development of this field, and the analysis of their first two rounds. Claus was joined by Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the IAO in Los Angeles, both as speaker and to announce the finalists of the second edition of the awards. Here is their presentation:


Partnering with the Art and Olfaction Awards

The 2014 Art and Olfaction Awards initiated by the Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO) in 2013 have been a major step for the development of artistic perfumery. For its second round, the Los Angeles based institute has teamed up with the research group on scent culture at Bern University of Applied Sciences. Last summer the research team worked with IAO to create the application forms, to modify the judging parameters, and to gather some crucial information about the participants. Right now the research is closely following the judging process to gain deeper insight into scent-related sense-making processes. The collected data is being analyzed in the context of the SNF research project, New Scents in Action: Socio-materiality and sense-making in perfumery. Moreover this research aims at a deeper understanding of the field of perfumery: How is this field organized? What are drivers for further development? And how can the Art and Olfaction Award nurture the field? The data is collected through observations, interviews and questionnaires. Results will be made available in publications and at industry events in 2015. A first presentation will be at the upcoming Esxence in Milano. On this occasion Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the Institute for Art and Olfaction, will also present the finalists of this year’s award.