“Collected Smells” by Smell Lab

Collected Smells is the first installation produced by the Smell Lab.
The work consists of several smells gathered during the Smell Lab’s meetings and derived from various locations in Berlin-Neukölln. The installation is made up of sheets of cloth imbued with scents from our surroundings, for example – the water, the soil, cigarette smoke…

The work is the culmination of the lab’s explorations and is the first in a series of future projects.

This event was part of the transmediale/CTM Vorspiel 2016 festival.

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Art Sense(s) Lab English Master


Screenshot 2016-04-08 13.10.26

The Fine Arts department University College PXL-MAD Hasselt offers ‘Art Sense(s) Lab’: an artistic, academic English Master programme in Visual Arts (one year – 60 ECTS). The course revolves around experimentation and research, for which thinking and doing are in constant interaction. The increase of interest in the use of the senses smell, taste and touch within the world of fine arts offers an inspiring starting point which is constantly questioned in order to develop a critical attitude towards how senses may add context to artistic work or be the context of the artwork.

The master programme consists of two major components: Artistic Studio Practice and the Master Seminar Series Art Sense(s) Lab.

Master students are free to work around one or more senses. Depending on their interest they can focus on smell, taste or touch. But also crossovers between these senses or in combination with seeing and/or hearing are possible.
There can also be cross-overs or combinations in the way of expressing, translating the use of senses with various art forms like painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass works, printmaking, time-based art, new media and video-installations.
The international well-known olfactory artist tutor of the English Master Art Sense(s) Lab is Peter de Cupere.  He works with a team of professional artists and academics to support the students in their development.

For more detailed information, please download our information brochure, or click here for the link to the website.
For more information about Peter de Cupere click here.

“Dig in! – Scent and Art”

Currently at KVD Gallery:

“Es ist angerichtet! – der Geruch und die Kunst”
(“Dig in! – Scent and Art”)
An exhibition by Camilla Nicklaus-Maurer

Exhibition period: 31.03-24.04.2016
Address: Pfarrstr.13, 85221 Dachau, Germany

CNM_Karte_210x105_ druck-1

The meal is served, but it remains invisible. Artist Camilla Nicklaus-Maurer presents 13 odors under glass domes waiting to reveal to the viewer their little secrets. This is the essence of work from the past ten years as well as three new concepts. Thus, on the one hand, the works of art serve the purpose of memory, which is the genuine property of smell. On the other, they giving a glimpse into the future.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung had a review (in German) of the exhibition:

Finissage: Sun. 24.04.2016 at 17:00, with a catalog presentation and a conversation with the curator, Prof. Dr. Florian Matzner.

The artist will be present during the exhibition period on Sundays. You can pre-order of catalog (in German and English, ISBN 978-3-00-052163-8) directly from her.


AJ+ Segment & Al Jazeera Documentary about Oud

AJ+ Arabic has produced a brief segment about oud:
“The price per kilogram for one of the finest kinds of oud incense is $9 million! als does it smell?”

Screenshot 2016-03-28 16.15.45

“80 Ferrari cars equal the price of this piece of wood, a very rare piece that weights 16 kilograms.
20 million dollars = 80 Ferrari cars!
If you owned it, you’d burn it. Don’t be amazed! This piece is one of the highest quality ouds called kinam.
There are many kinds of oud. It prices have risen rapidly due to the high demand on it in the past ten years.
The regions of the world that consume the most oud are: the Arab Gulf countries, China, and perfume-producing European countries.
The trees that produce out grow in southeast Asia.”

Al Jazeera has also produced a documentary titled “The Smoke of Gold” which examines oud as a social icon in the Arabian Gulf states, a symbol of hospitality and warmth, the smell of which is purported to chase away the blues. The documentary is filled with details and valuable information about this beguiling material and its methods of extraction and production. It charts its journey from India and Southeast Asia (Thailand and Malaysia), the only areas where the trees it’s extracted from grow, to France and Britain. The full documentary is available to watch online (in Arabic, without subtitles) on Al Jazeera Arabic YouTube channel: http://ajar.io/am5j

(Translated by Ashraf Osman)

Elodie Pong: “Paradise Paradoxe”

A fragrant exhibition at Helmhaus Zürich
11 March – 8 May 2016 

You can close your eyes but you can’t turn off your nose. Elodie Pong, video and installation artist from Zurich, investigates the invisible olfactory architecture that surrounds us as the point of departure for her solo exhibition at Helmhaus Zürich. Visitors encounter plants that ripened in a 3-D printer, a robot that hurls the names of perfumes at the wall – and a fragrance that has never been smelled before (White, developed in collaboration with Roman Kaiser of Givaudan).

You can find more information (in German) here, or in English (as PDF).

And if you’re in Zurich, please join us tomorrow for the first meet-up of the Scent Culture Club (SCC) at the Karl der Grosse Center in the heart of the city (right across from Grossmünster)!